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The year of #eggsploringperth.

Perth. The City of Eggs

Perth. The City of Eggs

It’s been a long time coming, but visiting over 50 Perth Cafes (with another 25 at least on the list) it’s come down to crunch time!
For the past year, my best friend and I have eaten out every Sunday in search of Perths best eggs. We’ve scoped far and wide. From Fremantle to Hillarys to random cafes in little suburbs, we have eggcellently eggsperienced Perths best… and WORST breakfasts. Although Kate is much more diverse in her breakfast choices, I tend to stick with the same kinds of things – making it much easier for me to rate our Sunday morning affairs.

I am going to be counting down the top 10 day by day and I will then post up every café I have been to, the suburb it is in, and its rating. And yes, I’ll include the bottom 3, don’t you worry about that.

But, how does one discover Perths best eggs? And how does one score a perfect 10/10?
Below is just some of the things on our checklist.

The basics;
– The Food
* The quality – Free range? Organic? Fresh veges?
* Are the eggs poached perfectly?
* Are the eggs at the right temperature?
* Avocado – fresh, ripe etc?

– The Menu
* Options? And options that aren’t just eggs!
* Variety
* Gluten free choices
* Cost
* Too much or too little to choose from?
* Sides can or cannot be added?
* Cabinet goodies!

– The Drinks
* Choices and variety
* Prices
* Size
* Tea bag or tea leaves?
* Products used – i.e juices and teas – organic, store bought, home made etc
* Chai lattes; do they pass Kates judgements – too much cinnamon or just right? Good milk? Too hot?

– The Service
* Staff demeanour upon entry
* Do they bring you water and menus?
* Are they friendly?
* Do they know what is in what?
* Seating arrangements
* Do they take bookings?
* Time to wait for ordering
* Time to wait for food
* Cleaning post feed

– The Ambiance
* Is the cafe too small, too big, just right?
* Noise factor
* Are there products for sale (organic goods, produce, home made goods)
* Are pets allowed outside?
* Quirk factors (tables, chairs, numbering systems, roofs, floors, weird hanging bikes etc)

The finer details;
– Is the hype up about a place worth it?
– Is there napkins at hand?
– Are the menus clean and new?
– Do they bring you more water when needed?
– Did they take the plate away too quickly?
– Are they asking too many questions?
– Do we have to pay to park?
– Is there bathrooms?

The even finer more ridiculous details;
– Is there salt and pepper on the table?
– Is my drinking glass clean!?

So, you can see, we have a detailed checklist. Which is why, no where, has scored 10/10. Yet.
We have found places with food that is worth 10/10 but other things bring down their final score.
Please recognise, I do NOT drink coffee and therefore coffee is clearly not a part of the ratings.



16 Gordon St, Perth

16 Gordon St, Perth


Admittedly, I took a while to come to this place because there had been so much hype up about it and I had heard that many good things  – that I didn’t think it would be able to live up to these expectations and I needed to try better places first. Well. Turns out it made no difference as to when I went because, as you can see, it has deservedly placed it’s self in the number 10 position.

You know how you go to places that are hyped up – because they have something really “cool” in there – like odd light bulbs or old wooden chairs? I had the impression in my head that people were just going to this place because they might have really liked some quirky new table number or some outrageously cool toilet door sign or something.  However, it so happens, that Gordon St Garage has decked itself out, without over decking. From its huge indoor space, to its funky little outdoor garden, Gordon St Garage hit the nail on the head with it’s ambiance. We went fairly early in the morning, around 8am, and had no issues with parking or needing to wait for a seat. Cool patterned chairs and clean tables, with a newspaper at hand – we were off to a good start.



The service at Gordon St Garage is one of the best we have received, and one of the main reasons as to why we have placed it so high in our list. All staff members were friendly and knowledgeable, and didn’t spend 15 minutes standing over you trying to make sure that you had ordered juice rather than coffee. It was table service, unlike a lot of brunch spots in Perth, so water, cutlery and salt and pepper were bought to us, meaning, I didn’t have to leave my seat. Lazy? Correct. Happy with this? Correct. The staff at the till were just as helpful, knowing exactly where you had sat and advising you on which delicious treat to get from the cabinet. And can I just say, the Pineapple Polenta cake was the best gluten free dessert I have ever, ever had. Kudos.

Great Service at Gordon St

Great Service at Gordon St

The menu and its selection is neat and tidy. With choices for those with lactose or gluten intolerance. Unfortunately, there are no major alterations or sides that can be added to dishes, which is a bit of a let down. Waiting time was minimal – and drinks were brought out before food, which is how things should be. The avocado and dill with poached eggs was scrumptious. The eggs were fresh, well cooked and toast was still warm. The avocado was ripe and tasty, although the dill was a little over powering. The fact I only received one piece of bread was a bit disappointing, but the overall combination of avocado, oil, chilli and dill was super. The staff cleaned up fairly quickly, and let us both finish before taking away our plates. Extra brownie points because the bill was brought to us.

Dill Avocado Poached Eggs

Dill Avocado Poached Eggs

All in all, the hype up is worth it. The service is fantastic, the treats are superb, the design and layout is awesome, the food and drinks are good and the service is undoubtedly one of the best. It can get very busy, but the space is quite large, so if there ever is a waiting time, you wont be cramped around a door with thousands of other people.



Good things:
+ Awesome service
+ Quick service
+ Great food
+ Great selection of cakes (aaaaaamazing!)
+ Great atmosphere
+ Outdoor and Indoor areas
+ Parking on the street
+ Light reading materials available
+ Bookings available for large groups
+ Open from 7am

Not so good things:
+ No changes to the menu
+ No sides
+ Cost of juices
+ Fact: One slice of toast is not enough for two eggs

Final note:
Light bulbs are funky without being overdone. Just like the eggs. 7.5/10

Gordon St Garage on Urbanspoon

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