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Number 8 #eggsploringperth

Deli Chicchi

Your eggs, on your toast.
That’s pretty much how you can describe Deli Chicchi. This little café, situated on the corner of Strickland street in Mount Claremont, has a huge range of options for vegans, to gluten and lactose intolerant to those that not so health conscious. Your way is the best way, and Deli Chicchi is most certainly somewhere that will allow you to mix and match things so you can have your style of breakfast!

Cabinet Goods!

Cabinet Goods!

Chicchi is a hidden gem. It hasn’t be over hyped, and is a level headed kind of place – if you can talk about cafes that way. Breakfast is served til 2pm on weekends and booking are available. Our first time at Chicchi, we didn’t book and found that we got a table quite easily. It is a large café, with indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. It was unfortunate that upon arrival our waitress was quite rude – failing us on the service department of our eggsplorations. Usually, we have found that if there is one thing wrong – everything else follows suit. Luckily for chicchi, this was not the case.

Strickland St, Mount Claremont

Strickland St, Mount Claremont

Menus were brought to us quickly and it took us sometime to try and choose what to order. Like I said, you can add sides and change things around here, making life easier – yet more complex. All the choices! Since June however, the menu has changed, and a revisit is in order to assess the situation. But at the time, we found it difficult to choose from the look of the breakfast bagels to fried eggs on homemade has browns.

Fried Egg on Homemade Hashbrown

Fried Egg on Homemade Hashbrown

Ordering at the counter was easy, a small cue, but hey, its Perth and its expected. The lady at the counter was the same as who have us our seat, and unfortunately wasn’t the most pleasant when I ordered my bread gluten free. A roll of the eyes is not what one expects at breakfast time. Our wait time for food wasn’t very long, and the waitress that brought us our food was much chirpier and friendlier than our first waitperson. She brought us our water and served us promptly, with a smile. But would this be enough to rectify the impression the other lady had made? She did a good job, the tables were turning.

Eggs at Chicchi!

Eggs at Chicchi!

Well. They turned. And the turned significantly when I burst open my poached eggs. Deli Chicchi uses fresh ingredients, and the taste and appearance of the breakfast made this obvious. The egg yolks were a farm fresh golden yellow, and the tomatoes and spinach were not overcooked. Meaning that not only did I get to build my own breakfast, but I did not have soggy vegies on my toast :) The bread used was warm and perfectly toasted. It was also not smothered in butter. The ambiance of the café helped make the morning quite enjoyable too. We found ourselves chatting to the people next to us about the size of their meal. Tables aren’t too close to each other, but not too far away that it is awkward when you make eye contact with people. The café is not over done with quirky things either, it is clean and neat. Light reading materials are available and we actually found that we spent more time in this café chatting post food more than any other café we’ve been too. It is not too loud, you can hear each other talk, the café is well lit and has a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. Maybe a tad too relaxed, as it took our waitress sometime to clean up after us. Nevertheless, even though the service wasn’t 100%, this is something that can be worked on, they’ve got the food part down pat.

Interior at Chicchi

Interior at Chicchi

The good things
+ Great fresh foods and taste
+ Selection on the menu (build your own)
+ Gluten free, vegan options
+ Deli cabinet goods
+ Bookings and catering available
+ Big serves for price
+ Location, cute and hidden – pets welcome outside
+ Cleanliness

The not so good things
+ Service at the counter
+ Post clean up service

Final Note
The eggs will put a smile on your dial, even if the waitress won’t. 7.5/10

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