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Number 7

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Number 7 #eggsploringperth

Mrs S.

Mrs S. Maylands

Mrs S. Maylands

The tale of our trip to Mrs S!

Whatley Crescent has thoroughly improved in the last 5 years – and Mrs S. adds an extra star to the café strip. We’d been wanting to try out this little gem for a while, but we generally would want to go clothes shopping on the crescent after – and shops in this area don’t open til 11am on Sundays. Granted, we also knew that going Mrs S. prior to shopping would mean a full house around 9.30 and 10am. So, we didn’t get to go here till recently.

We made our way down to Maylands at 8.30am on a Sunday, with the shop only opening at 8, it was almost already full house. Not surprised and with good reason. No breakfast bookings are available, but hey, the ‘golden book’ menus easily make up for that. The shop is decked out in awesome things – think story tales and children’s activities – from pegs on the menus, to gemima puddleduck plush toys, to peter rabbit on the walls, to curious hanging aprons and kitchen utensils, Mrs S scored an awesome on their quirky factor for me. It’s what I think the inside of a real gingerbread house would represent. It was different, without being irritatingly try hard. The vibe in the place is fun and friendly.

Opening our menu, we were faced with a variety of delicious choices. Eggs, pancakes, fritters, the “manwich” and a variety of teas. With chopping and changing options, Mrs S is perfect for those with young ducklings. It is a small café, however, there is the option of sitting outdoors, which does have the added bonus of allowing you to bring your own rabbits.

All the eggs at Mrs S.

All the eggs at Mrs S.

Ordering at the counter was the most difficult part of the day. Yes, there was a line, and a few minutes wait, but during this wait I had to encounter staring at all these delicious looking goods. An awesome display! Unfortunately we didn’t get to try these as we were so full from our breakfast! I also experienced a stressed out waitperson, who may have been new, but nevertheless, she still got our order correct. I thought she made a mistake with the price, but she did not. Mrs S. is a tad expensive.



On to our eggs – considering the crowds, we received our food quite quickly, and after the drinks. Tick! Pepper was on the table. Tick! Eggs were cooked perfectly. Tick! Gluten free bread wasn’t crap and crumbly. Tick! Unfortunately the tomatoes weren’t as fresh as one would hope, but the asparagus wasn’t soggy and the tomato chutney was fresh and tasty. Few things let this place down, but the conclusion of our story at Mrs S. was a good one – we shal return for cake!

The good things
+Indoor/outdoor seating
+Quick food
+Fresh eggs and good bread!
+Baked goods
+Options for young, old and health conscious
+Kid friendly
+Pet friendly

The not so good things
+ Waiting time
+ Service at the counter
+ Price of some breakfast menu items
+ Bookings not available
+ Opens late on weekends (8am)

Final Note
Once upon a time, a place called Mrs S impressed me with their eggs. 8/10

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