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Number 6

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Number 6 #eggsploringperth

Voyage Kitchen and Delicatessen

Normas Salsa at Voyage

Normas Salsa at Voyage

Fact. This is my most visited breakfast spot.

Why? Because a) it’s close to home and b) it’s reasonably priced and c) Normas Salsa is to die for. Voyage sells 500 Norma’s on your general Tuesday.. So, you can imagine what it would be like on a weekend. Voyage kitchen is ALWAYS busy, so expect to wait in a cue. Bookings are only available during the week for breakfast – so if you are trying your luck on the weekend, head down super early to avoid the crowds.

Every time I have eaten at Voyage I have enjoyed my meal. The gluten free bread is one of the best I have had, the eggs are always poached well, there is always a decent half serve of avocado and the feta/lemon marinade on Norma’s is delicious. Plus, you get the added bonus of coastal views as you eat.

Poached to Perfection

Poached to Perfection

Voyage is located on West Coast Hwy, close to Hillarys Boat Harbour. It’s a place that hasn’t over done the interior with quirky things, because frankly, there is so many people in there all the time, you probably wouldn’t even notice. In saying that, wether inside or out in the alfresco, you can still hear the person next you, and you don’t need to yell at each other down the table. The bar side has a great atmosphere, with a communal table in the middle, and a take away coffee window at the end of the bar. The cabinets are always full of yummy looking goodies, with options for the health conscious, but be careful of eating things o the counter top… foods left uncovered are a cause for a stomach ache.

Interior at Voyage

Interior at Voyage

It is a shame though, about the service at Voyage, as it is what lets it down from being in our top 5. Staff upon entry are usually pretty good and will get you a seat as soon as they can. Staff at the front now tell you if there is a waiting time for breakfast, especially on the weekends, which is good because we once ordered and weren’t told about the 35 minute wait we would encounter. The staff taking the orders, are sometimes scattered and can be slow on the delivery of your table water, cutlery, drinks and salt and pepper. However, they are always there to take your order promptly, and are helpful with trying to chop and change items on the menu so it suits you. Even if it requires them to ask the kitchen.

The menu at voyage is great and well priced – there is choices for vegetarians, vegans and kids too. I find it hard to choose another meal at Voyage and even found myself eating eggs for lunch there as to not stray from Normas greatness! An added bonus to the drinks menu is the fresh coconuts that are bought in daily to Voyage. The breakfast food at Voyage is always fresh and this is evident as the taste is always tip top.

The good things
+ Normas Salsa
+ Good bread!
+ Options for GF, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free
+ Fresh food
+ Well priced
+ Location and indoor and outdoor seating
+ Drinks selection
+ Weekday bookings
+ Pet friendly
+ Kids menu
+ Takeaway coffee and juice bar

The not so good things
+ No weekend bookings
+ Wait time
+ Table service

Final Note
If they marinated the staff like they did their feta cheese, it would be the cream of the crop. 8/10

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