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Number 3 #eggsploringperth


Sayers, Leederville

Sayers, Leederville

“Famously good food”
Finally, a place that lives up to expectations.

I am MORE than certain people get sick of my snapchats that show a picture of a perfect breakfast and a caption that says “eggs.” These snapchats are generally always at this place too. Sayers is a cafe that I visit frequently. It is close by, has quick kitchen service and is just bloody delicious. It may be a predictable place to have in Perths top 3, but it is more than well deserved! With a range of healthy options, such as green tea sourdough bread, quinoa and linseed bread, to smoke salmon tartlets, Sayers has a fantastic menu to suit anyone’s picky breakfast likes. You can add or remove items from the menu and it includes things like cinnamon saffron doughnuts and even half sized serves for those that don’t want to fit in an epic sized meal to start the day. Sayers provides a decent sized meal, for a good price.

Feta Eggs at Sayers (image: urbanspoon)

Feta Eggs at Sayers (image: urbanspoon)

Sayers WILL be busy, no matter what day or time you go. Weekends are hectic, so get in early if you want a table. Bookings are available only on weekdays. On a weekday, you will be able to get a seat either indoor or outdoor, and you generally only have to wait a short period of time when you order. The time you order to the time you get your meal is quick – even if it’s crazy busy. Props to the kitchen for never making me wait!

The food here is glorious. They don’t stick butter everywhere, the bread is always warm and perfectly toasted, and eff! The eggs are delightful. Never cold, never undercooked. They are always spot on. They are clearly fresh and free range and work well with all the combinations on the menu.

Poached Goodness (image: chompchomp)

Poached Goodness (image: chompchomp)

Inside Sayers is super crowded, and tables are quite close to each other. The decor is simple and hip, nothing over done (just like their toast) and nothing too out of the ordinary. Inside though, the tables are really quite small. I also had an incident once.. because the tables are a little and that plates so large… that when I cut into my bread… my plate flipped on top of me. Haha. In saying this, the waitress was over in an instant, cleaned up my egg mess, and I had a new meal within 5 minutes. I was also lucky the eggs didn’t pop on me when it flipped :P Outdoors is pleasant, you can hear each other talk, and even though tables are placed in a walk way, you don’t feel crowded or on top of each other.

The service at Sayers is fab – they must treat their staff right, because those working in there are always familiar and are good at recognising customers. They also are always smiling. Positive energy all round! They bring you knives and forks, and salt and pepper. You may even get lucky and have them bring you water too. Sayers is deserves the hype it receives. And the cakes taste as good as they look.

Cakes at Sayers

Cakes at Sayers

The good things:
+ Kitchen to table service
+ Customer service
+ Great tasting food
+ Fresh products (fresh, organic, and daily)
+ Menu choices and options
+ Price
+ Serving size
+ Outdoor ambiance
+ Cabinet goods (they cater too!)
+ Opens at 7am

The not so good things:
– Inside noise
– Table sizes in side

A final note:

Lets be honest, we all know Leederville pretends to be hip and awesome. Sayers doesn’t pretend anything. 9/10

Sayers on Urbanspoon

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