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Gusto, Angelo St

Gusto, Angelo St

Well! As much as I am all for the North Side of Perth… The South Side has done a pretty good job on taking hold of the egg titles in the Top 5.

Gusto is a small, and busy café on Angelo St in South Perth. I am not being biased putting this place so high, just because there is Greek Doughnuts and Housemade Greek Sweets in the cabinet. Although… kataifi (walnut filled shredded filo pastry) for a post breakfast treat is probably the best thing I could ever think of.

Gusto has a huge a large breakfast menu – to which you can chop and change to suit your liking. Sides of avocado, sides of haloumi, sides of mushrooms, tomatoes.. salmon, you name it, it’s there. Gusto has options for the health conscious, with tasty home made gluten free breads and goats cheese with quinoa crunch. There’s also the options that aren’t so healthy like the home made crumpets and French cinnamon toast. Deeeelish.

Menu at Gusto

Menu at Gusto

Considering how busy Gusto is, the service we had was remarkable. Although bookings on weekends can’t be made for small tables, arriving on a Sunday before 9am will still get you a seat in the café. Even if the majority of people in there are wearing lycra. It is small, but it is not over crowded with too many tables or fancy things. It’s simplistic and it works. You aren’t on top of each other, and you can hear those at your table as you aren’t bombarded with people up at the counter yelling unnecessarily for their coffee orders. The staff at Gusto are chilled, they know how to handle pressure and are there to make your breakfast experience a good one.

Interior at Gusto

Interior at Gusto

Ordering up at the counter may encounter a small cue, but hey, the food comes out remarkably quick, so this isn’t a problem. The only problem at the counter is the array of delicious looking and smelling treats starting at you in the face. Melting moments, home made cakes, muffins, cookies.. more than difficult to resist. And you know what. Don’t resist. Buy something. Cause everything is awesome.

Gusto, South Perth

Gusto, South Perth

The food itself at Gusto is fantastic. Delicious, well presented, for a good price and decent size. What more could you ask for? I suppose you could ask for a great day of activities afterwards. Like going for a foreshore bike ride? or maybe a nice run at Kings Park? or even heading down to the Perth zoo afterwards?
Oh wait. You can do that. Because Gusto is literally 5 minutes away from all these things. This little gem is also kid and pet friendly, meaning you can go to your next activity place afterwards with out any hassle. Parking is all around the hood, so no problems there either.

Gusto Breakfast

Gusto Breakfast

Expect good quality food and service at Gusto. Water is brought to you, pepper is on the table, food is brought out quick, and there is service with a smile. The service may be too good? Or they maybe trying to get you out quickly for the next table to come in, because the only thing you can really fault is how quick they are to clean up after you. The bread is superb, the eggs are perfectly poached and the atmosphere is chilled and just right for a Sunday morning eggsplore.

The good things:
+ Great menu
+ Well priced
+ Fresh food and great taste
+ Large serves
+ Lots of options
+ Kid and Pet friendly
+ Great service
+ Quick kitchen service

The not so good things:
– Small
– No bookings available weekends
– Busy busy!

A final note:
‘Gusto’ means “satisfaction” in Italian I believe. In that case, Mucho Gusto I think. 9/10
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  1. Tessa says:

    I agree I have tried this place and it is awesome. Cant recommend it highly enough. Staff very professional. Food portions fresh, quality and great value for size in a boutique environment. Little hidden gem in Perth. Go try.

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